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Sunshine state start-up

Based in city of Melbourne located in sunshine state Florida, Careville is a start-up looking to contribute to the world of natural healing. We are on a mission to promote health and wellness in our everyday life, without the use of harsh chemicals and synthetics. The motivation behind the creation of our turmeric salve is based on our own experience of using turmeric in daily life. We truly believe that turmeric is a miracle spice with truly amazing health benefits. No wonder, it is referred to as Golden Goddess! At Careville, we also wanted to create a product that has the potential to become a household staple. So, we created this anti-septic salve to help heal the cuts, wounds and bruises that are an integral part of our everyday life.

Anti-septic turmeric salve
Anti-septic turmeric salve

Science based

At Careville, we are big believers in the power of science and research. On any given day, scientific facts outperform hype. We have therefore taken extreme care to create this salve based on the findings reported by the scientific community. We have analyzed several research findings to ensure that we formulate this salve correctly. In making of this salve, we truly believe that the right ingredients have come together. Each ingredient enhances the performance of the other and thereby speeds up the healing process. The salve is produced in a sterilized setting using only 100% organic FDA approved ingredients. So, as our anti-septic salve hits the shelves of your local grocery and health food stores, we remain hopeful that the Golden Goddess will help you heal naturally!